Bottled Gas

Energy – wherever you need it.

One main advantage of Liquid Petroleum Gas is its mobile application. Your Drachengas cylinder is always ready wherever you need it – at home or for recreation, camping, agriculture, or for commercial and industrial uses.

Drachengas is available for purchase at our sales offices or from our distributors in the following models:

Cylinders on lease

  • 11kg and 33kg fill weight cylinders
  • 11kg fill weight syphon type cylinders
  • 5kg fill weight ultra-light cylinders

Cylinders to buy

  • 5kg and 11kg fill weight cylinders

With our new 7.5kg ultra-lightweight cylinder you can now use bottle gas without lifting too much weight, making you even more mobile. Our variety of cylinders offer the right solution for every application.

We deliver our products to our customers with our in-house fleet and trained expert employees.

Gas Tanks

Energy for a long time.

Efficient energy is available to you for a long time with a Liquid Petroleum Gas tank. You have the choice between underground or aboveground tanks that hold 1.2 and 1.3 tons respectively. Larger ones are available upon request.

Your Drachengas tank can be installed easily and comparatively economically. It saves space by not taking up your basement. Our qualified employees will naturally advise you about the size and kind of tank suitable for your needs, and will find the optimal space to install it after surveying the site together with you.

Aboveground Tanks

A concrete foundation will be necessary in order to install a Drachengas aboveground tank.

This type of aboveground storage is associated with the least amount of construction necessary – as long as one side remains accesible, it’s enough. Aboveground storage is especially applicable to sites that have a lot of space for the tank, or where the requirements for installing an aboveground tank can be met inside of a building.

Underground Tanks

This storage solution is especially suitable for private properties. Only the lid of the dome shaft remains visible, allowing the tank to vanish seamlessly within your garden, leaving your landscape design unblemished. This simple underground storage method requires only minimal space and offers optimal protection against external influences. The tank is entirely submerged within the temperature consistent soil. This means that the rate of evaporation always remains constant, regardless of the outside temperature.