Energy directly from the farm

Eco-friendly, mobile, and more cost-effective than electricity and heating oil: Liquid Petroleum Gas is the perfect energy source for agricultural operations. From grain drying to animal breeding, the entire farm profits from the benefits of this clean and effective energy source:

The perfect climate for humans and animals

Liquid Petroleum Gas radiators in barns create optimal conditions for animals.

Eco-friendly Liquid Petroleum Gas is also optimal for drying grains, green fodder, corn or onions.

In greenhouses, Liquid Petroleum Gas is perfectly suitable for heating and CO2 plant fertilization.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is often the more cost-effective alternative in households – in the kitchen, for hot water, and for temperature control. Farmers can even supply their entire farm with electricity in combination with a CHP unit.

Full throttle ahead

Liquid Petroleum Gas is also an ideal fuel for machinery. Its low CO2 emissions even make it eco-friendly.